The Center for Life


The Center for Life is a local organization dedicated to a year-round, Northern Westchester/Putnam effort to help Catholics understand, value, and become engaged with building a culture that cherishes every human life. 


We want to share a message of love, life and the dignity that is inherent to every person from the moment of conception.

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Woman getting ultrasound


Building a Culture of Life begins with Prayer, Fasting, the Mass, Adoration, the Rosary, and Scripture. We provide resources for parishes who wish to offer spiritual opportunities for their parishioners. We are always in need of prayer warriors to join our team of intercessors and our spiritual adoption campaigns!


At the heart of our mission is to find care for those who suffering- not limited to, but including those struggling with infertility, parents who have been given adverse pre-natal diagnosis, women and men regretting an abortion, former abortion workers, as well as the sick, elderly and disabled, the dying and imprisoned.


We are always seeking to provide new ways to deepen the understanding of the sanctity of human life. We have programs for all age groups and facilitate speaking events, seminars and forums on various topics that can be tailored to the needs of individual groups or parishes.


We desire to restore legal protection to the lives of unborn children. We advocate through raising voter awareness, newsletters, and contacting local, state and federal legislators. We welcome dialogue in political forums where defense of human life is our primary aim. 


Thank you, we will be in touch soon!